Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School!

Well, sadly, my summer is coming to an end, with the start of school tomorrow.  I'm pretty bummed about summer ending, mostly I think because we never really got to 'go' anywhere.  We usually have a beach trip or camping trip or something.  This summer?  Nada.  Sigh...

But some fun things have happened to us for sure.  We essentially foster failed with Pogi, because his health status left him unadoptable.  He's a sweety, and completely polar opposite from Beau in his personality.  Beau is so serious; Pogi lives his life like a clown.

We also redid our master bathroom (photos soon).  We went from baby blue walls and wood cabinets (and red countertop), to updated fixtures, white cabinets, new knobs and pulls, a light beige on the walls, and updated lighting!  The lighting really made the biggest difference.  And the cabinets turned out so well that Justin is finally thinking redoing the kitchen may be within our reach :)  We still have our red laminate countertops in the bathroom though, so we're going to replace that, and then post pictures of the completed project.

Last week I rearranged my classroom at the intermediate school.  I now have a nice social circle table (still looking for a tall mirror for that area), a writing/language center in front of the white board, and then a game table for articulation therapy and language games.  It feels more like my room now, rather than just someone else's space that I usurped.

With lazy summer also came lazy eating.  I ate lots of fast food, bad food, yummy things, ice cream... Plus a LOT of soda.  So with the start of the school year, I'm reinstating healthy eating habits and getting back to cooking more (much more).  Today I made a week's worth of Paleo breakfasts:  Egg Muffins!  I browned some good sausage (from Ozark Natural), then put separated it into each muffin space in the tin, topped with fresh spinach, and added to that Market Fresh pico de gallo.  Then I took 8 eggs and whisked them, pouring them out over the tins.  Everything went into the oven for about 10 minutes (or a little more - you just shake the tin to see how solid the egg is) at 350 degrees.  Now they're resting in a pyrex dish in the fridge, for me to pull out in the morning, reheat, and feast on with some fruit.

My Paleo Menu for this Week:

Sunday Dinner - Turkey Patty with Spinach Salad and Roasted Tomatoes (probably followed by a banana)

ML - Leftovers
MD - Meatballs, Spaghetti Squash, Tomato Sauce

TL - Leftovers
TD - Spicy Tilapia, Steamed Snap Peas and Cauliflower

WL - Leftovers
WD - Chicken, Sauteed Spinach & Mushrooms, Roasted Carrots

That's as far as my fridge will take me :) So I'll have to do a midweek grocery run to decide my next few days.  Looking forward to a new routine and getting back into the groove of things!

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